Other Products

The following products are available to buy from Animal Dreams, but please contact us place an order.

Item Per Pack
Mini Compressed Lavender Shavings6
Mini Compressed Lemon Shavings6
Mini Compressed Shavings6
Mini Compressed Sawdust6
Mini Compressed Hay5
Mini Compressed Straw5
Mini Compressed Cardboard9
Mini Compressed Paper9
30 litre Cat Litter1
15 litre Cat Litter1
5 litre Cat Litter1
Orchard Hay5
Large Shavings5
Large Hay4
Large Straw4
Compressed Lemon Shavings1
Compressed Lavender Shavings1
Compressed Shavings1
Compressed Hay1
Compressed Straw1
Compressed Paper1
Compressed Hay XL1
Compressed Straw XL1
Jumbo Hay1
Jumbo Shavings1
Jumbo Straw1
Hamster Wool20
Large Hamster Wool6
Hamster Paper20
Shredded Jeyes Cloth8
Shredded Jeyes Cloth20
Shredded Coloured Paper20
Bales of Paper1
Bales of Shavings1
Bales of Hay1
Bales of Straw1
Retail Hamster Wool10
Retail Hamster Paper10
Retail Jeyes Cloth10
Retail Coloured Paper10
Shredded Aspen 5 litre1
Shredded Aspen 10 litre1
Bio Grass 5 litre1
Bio Grass 10 litre1
Beechwood Chip Medium 5 litre1
Beechwood Chip Medium 10 litre1
Beechwood Chip Coarse 5 litre1
Beechwood Chip Coarse 10 litre1
Corn Cob Fine 5 litre1
Corn Cob Fine 10 litre1
Corn Cob Coarse 5 litre1
Corn Cob Coarse 10 litre1
Orchid Bark Fine 5 litre1
Orchid Bark Fine 10 litre1
Orchid Bark Coarse 5 litre1
Orchid Bark Coarse 10 litre1